A smarter way to dispense natural health products.

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Your patients will love it.

Health Wave allows you to easily share personalized treatment plans with your patients and track their compliance to ensure their health is on track. Monitor and treat all your patients from a single dashboard and ensure they are getting the resources and support they need.

Grow your practice.

Health Wave will help you manage patient compliance while generating new and recurring revenue streams. If you don't currently have a dispensary, you can create one within minutes. If you do have an in-house dispensary, Health Wave helps facilitate refills so your patients continue to purchase from your online dispensary. Health Wave also provides reporting over your patients' purchasing habits so you can easily track purchase history and engage with a patient when they need to see you again.

Simplify product refills.

Many health professionals prefer to carry a limited number of SKU's in their office for treating acute conditions or when a patient should start taking a product immediately. Health Wave is a great addition to your practice because it can be used for refills and remote patients.

Save time and money.

Imagine all the benefits of a full scale dispensary without the capital cost and time to manage physical inventory. With Health Wave, there are no costs and you can manage your Smart Dispensary from anywhere at any time. Patients can order directly from your Smart Dispensary and we save you time by helping you manage your patient relationships. Practitioners who are using Health Wave have reported saving more than 30 hours per month by not having to manage physical inventory in their clinic.

Renée Paradis, ND

Guelph, Ontario

"Health Wave has helped me improve patient safety since I can easily recommend the exact product the patient needs. Since Health Wave automates so many aspects of having a dispensary, it saves my receptionist upwards of 20 hours a week! Also, I love how Health Wave allows me to lower my overhead costs while still continuing the relationship with my patients by facilitating product refills."

Jody Stanislaw, ND

Hailey, Idaho

"I'm thrilled with Health Wave. It is a wonderful resource for freeing up my time! I've spent endless unpaid hours managing my dispensary and am so happy to no longer have to waste time ordering, unpacking, and managing inventory. Now I just take a few seconds to input what my patients need into an online prescription and then send them the link to order, and they can reorder from that link anytime they want. Health Wave is great."

Aarti Patel, ND

Oakland, California

"Since I created an account on HealthWave, my patients have been following up with their plans and ordering the correct treatments more than ever before. I used to send patients to different retailers to get supplements. I also typed out detailed treatment plans--which took time. I was craving the tools that HealthWave provides, which conveniently combine both of these features into one. I now use HealthWave exclusively to create unique and personalized treatment plans that include direct access to the natural health products I'm prescribing. I love using HealthWave and my patients do too!"

K.C. Bateman, ND

Brampton, Ontario

"Health Wave was easy to set up and my patients love it. I wish I had Health Wave when I started my practice. However, even with an established practice and dispensary, Health Wave offers quick and convenient access to products I may not keep in stock. For refills, Health Wave is great for patients that live far away or are too busy to stop by the office. Shipping is fast and patients can choose to have their orders shipped to their home or office."

Health Wave is currently used by over 2,000 health professionals who have treated more than 40,000 patients and dispensed more than 75,000 products .